InsaneLan Services Price List

Listed fees are not guaranteed and can change with no prior notice. Always contact your sales representative for the most current rates and fees. Free estimates are available, and can be ascertained via phone or email questions and answers.

Standard Hourly Rates

  • Regular Rate: $75/hr
  • Server and Networking Rate: $100/hr
  • Wireless Setup: $45/hr
  • Data Recovery Rate: $75/hr

Service Fees

  • Custom Built Computer Setup: $75
  • Operating System Install or Reinstall: $50
  • Operating System Upgrade: $95
  • PC Tune Up and Testing: $75
  • RAM Installation: $25
  • CD/DVD Drive Installation (no software): $25
  • PCI Car Installation (no software): $25
  • Password Reset (Windows OS): $20
  • Software Installation/Removal: Standard hourly rate applies
  • Data Recovery Setup Fee: $50 – waived if data recovery is successful

Configuration Fees

  • Server Configuration/Installation: $95/hr
  • Database Management: $125/hr
  • Website Development: $65/hr

Custom Fees

  • Website Hosting: $20/month per domain
  • Primary DNS Hosting: $50/year per domain (10 sub-domains included)
  • Secondary DNS Hosting: $25/year per domain (unlimited domains included)
  • Email Hosting: $50/year per domain
  • Web Traffic Logging and Analysis: $30/month -or- $250/year
  • Nagios Hosted Services: $1/domain/month
  • Nagios Managed Services: $10/month per network
  • In-House Fee: $0
  • Same Day In-House: $20
  • On Location Fee: $45
  • Same Day On Location: $100

Prices are subject to change.