From entry level web browsing to advanced workstations, InsaneLan has you covered!  We use only the best equipment so your computer will function perfectly for years to come. Every InsaneLan system comes with a 1 year warranty.

CDD-150 – An entry level Desktop system perfect for the casual web user – GREAT for the College Student! Comes with Windows and a 19″ LCD for $699.00

CDD-250 – A middle range Desktop system for occasional photo editing and movie watching – GREAT for the Home User! Comes with Windows and a 19″ LCD for $899.00

CDD-350 – A high end Desktop system for just about anything you can throw at it – Recommended for the Power User.  Comes with Windows and a 19″ LCD for $1299.00

CDD-450 – A very high end Workstation system with multiple monitors – Recommended for those who require many screens and ultra-fast performance. Comes with Windows and dual 23″ LCDs for $1999.00