Linux is one of the oldest Operating Systems, as well as one of the newest popular options for end users. Installation of a secure linux OS is a tough experience. While many vendors are making it easier for non-technical users to install, it’s still far from being “easy”.

We specialize in Linux installations of all flavors. We can install, maintain, administer, both the Linux operating system as well as any Linux applications.

If you just want to try out a dual-boot linux system, we can definitely do that for you as well. We recommend the following versions of linux:

  • Ubuntu – Ubuntu releases new features twice a year.
  • Debian – Debian is the base on which Ubuntu is built, but seems to support servers slightly better.
  • Mint – Mint is great for family use.
  • Mandriva – Mandriva is the replacement for mandrake and will run similar to slackware.
  • CentOS – CentOS is the OpenSource version of RedHat.
  • FreeBSD – Great for running servers, not great for running GUI.