Wireless Technologies

Wireless technology allows us to work from more places than ever before.  We can now sit on our favorite couch and surf the internet without using wires.  From standard wireless networking (802.11x) through Wireless Broadband cards (Cellular high speed internet), we’ve got you covered!

Why I Need Wireless Security

Most consumers will buy a wireless access point or router, power it on, and then forget about it. Many even leave the SSID (the wireless access point’s name) as the default: often “default”, “linksys”, “netgear”, or “belkin”.
Leaving your wireless connection wide open can be equated to letting anyone bring a computer and connect to your network. Only they can do it without your knowledge.
Once on your network, they could easily access your files, setup a proxy to capture your passwords, change your router configuration, or even do illegal things using your internet connection.


We can recommend many Anti-Virus applications and Firewalls for your particular needs. We’ll even teach you how to run these programs with as little effort as possible. Several of our solutions are a “set it and forget it” type of program.

We will setup your router with three different layers of security. We will also inform you on how to use these layers of security by showing how to connect and configure your wireless devices to connect to your newly secured AP or router.