Online Backups

InsaneLan is proud to offer online backups as one of our newest services! If you’ve ever had a computer crash, hard disk stop working, or lose a USB drive, you know how critical it is to have redundant copies of your data. InsaneLan offers a wide range of options dependent on your needs as a consumer.


InsaneLan offers secure off-site storage of your files. Only you can view your files – each copy is locked to your specific login information. Our infrastructure has the very best technologies: Redundant NAS/SAN solutions, RAID, ZFS, Monitoring, Secondary Data Locations. Our systems are constantly backing up and verifying that your data is completely secure so you can rest easy knowing your data is safe.

How It Works

We provide you with a “Backup Agent” to install on your Windows, Macintosh, or Linux-based computer. You can select which folders or files to backup, set a backup schedule, and then forget about it! The software will backup what you selected, when you want it to, and you can retrieve at any time!

Our software uses an industry standard 128bit secure HTTPS Web protocol, so there is no need to change any settings on your router or firewall. You can securely backup or retrieve files from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Once your files are backed up using an encrypted internet connection, they will reside in our secured limited-access environment. These files will be stored using 256bit AES encryption – not even our technicians can view what is inside your encrypted files.

Why InsaneLan

InsaneLan offers the ability to gain access to your files from any internet-connected computer simply by navigating a secure website.

While other companies will offer online backup, only InsaneLan offers:

  • Secure limited-access environment with redundant power, cooling, and networking
  • Backup of any files you choose with a simple-to-use wizard
  • Unlimited File versioning – you can “undo” changes or accidentally deleted files
  • No pre-set number of computers or systems you can backup. You only pay for the storage package you choose!


We offer three different levels for our customers:
Basic – for those who only require minimal files
Plus – for those who need to backup more data or entire computers and need versioning of files
Pro – for those who need to backup many critical files, require encrypted data, and need redundant data sets

Basic 1GB Plan – $1.25/mo
Basic 10GB Plan – $3/mo
Basic 25GB Plan – $4/mo
Basic 50GB Plan – $5/mo

Plus 100GB Plan – $8/mo
Plus 250GB Plan – $10/mo
Plus 500GB Plan – $15/mo
Plus 1TB Plan – $25/mo

Pro 500GB Plan – $45/mo
Pro 1TB Plan – $65/mo
Pro 2TB Plan – $90/mo

Looking for more information? Need more space? Want to purchase, but not sure which one to try out? E-Mail Support to setup your free trial, purchase licensing, or just to ask a question.